2017  Sermons 


11-19-17 Sermon Pastor Pastor Hollis, "Now You Will See..."Exodus 5:15-6:1,

11-12-17 Sermon Pastor Renee, Opposition, Exodus 5:1-14, Colossians 2:13-15


11-05-17 Sermon Pastor Renee, A Battle of The Heart, Exodus 4:18-31,

10-29-17 Sermon Pastor Pastor Hollis, Moses, God's Piece Of Work!Exodus 4:1-17, I Corinthians 2:1-5

10-22-17 Sermon Pastor Renee, Call and Response, Exodus 3:11-22, John 16:17-33

10-15-17 Sermon Pastor Renee, A Deliverer Comes!, Exodus 3:1-10, Matthew 1:18-23

10-09-17 Sermon Pastor Pastor Hollis, Moses: Prince, Fugitive, AlienExodus 2:11-25, Hebrews 11:24-27

10-01-17 Sermon Pastor Renee, A Deliverer Comes!, Psalm 22, Exodus 2:1-10

9-24-17 Sermon Pastor Renee, Fear God, Psalm 33, Exodus 1:15-22

09-17-17 Sermon Pastor Pastor Hollis, "Exodus: The Journey Begins", Psalms 105:1-25, Exodus 1:1-14

09-10-17 Sermon Pastor Pastor Hollis, Transition: Ending and BeginningDeuteronomy 34:1-12

09-03-17 Sermon Pastor Pastor Hollis,  God's Gift of Work  Genesis 2:15, Exodus 31:1-11, 35:30-36:2

Before You I Kneel

08-27-17 Sermon Pastor Renee, Lost in Wonder, Love and Praise, Psalm 133, Psalm 134

08-20-17 Sermon Pastor Renee, Unless The Lord Builds The House, Psalm 124, Psalm 127

08-13-17 Sermon Pastor Pastor Hollis,  God Our Keeper,   Psalm 121:1-8, John 10:7-15

He Will Hold me Fast

08-06-17 Sermon Pastor Renee, A Fork in the Road, Psalm 120, John 6:60-69

07-30-17 Sermon Pastor Renee, Sojourner, Psalm 119:1-16

07-23-17 Sermon Pastor Pastor Hollis,  How long, O Lord,   Psalm 13:1-6, Lamentations 3:1-26

07-16-17 Sermon Pastor Renee, Don't Just Sit There, Do Something, Psalm 96

07-09-17 Sermon Pastor Vong, New Shifting, Isaiah 43:18-19

07-02-17 Sermon Pastor Pastor Hollis,  "Lord, Have Mercy" 2 Samuel 12:1-15a, Psalm 51:1-17

06-25-17 Sermon Pastor Pastor Hollis,  "Arise, Lord!" 2 Samuel 15:1-18, Psalm 3:1-8

06-18-17 Sermon Pastor Renee, Just Like a Tree, Psalm 1 & 2

06-11-17 Sermon Pastor Renee, Tools, Exodus 31:1-11, Psalm 119:89-104

06-04-17 Sermon Pastor Pastor Hollis,  The Work of the Holy Spirit in our Lives, Acts 2:1-21

05-28-17 Sermon Pastor Pastor Hollis,  You Will Be My Witnesses, Acts 1:1-11

05-21-17 Sermon Pastor Pastor Hollis,  Train Up Your Children, Psalm 27:1, 4, Proverbs 3:5-6

05-14-17 Sermon Pastor Pastor Hollis,  The Grace of Giving, II Corinthians 9:6-15

05-07-17 Sermon Pastor Pastor Hollis, Generosity of the Heart, Luke 20:45-21:4

04-30-17 Sermon Pastor Renee, What's on the Plate?, John 21:1-14

04-23-17 Sermon Pastor Renee, Easter Aftermath, John 20:19-31

Unfolding The Story with Becca Nguyen

04-16-17 Sermon Pastor Renee and Pastor Hollis, O, Mary, Don't You Weep!, John 20:1-18

04-09-17 Sermon Pastor Hollis, Story-Telling, John 3:1-17

04-02-17 Sermon Pastor Hollis, Come away...and rest a while, Mark 6:30-44

Part A


Part B

03-26-17 Sermon Pastor Renee, Serve Like Jesus, Mark 7:31-37

Part A

Love Your Neighbors - A Simple Step - Video

Part B

03-05-17 Sermon Pastor Hollis, BLESS, Eat!, Luke 5:27-32

Part A


Part B

BLESS Witness by Byron

03-12-17 Sermon Pastor Renee, Listen Carefully, Matthew 20:20-34

BLESS Witness by Jess

03-05-17 Sermon Pastor Hollis, BLESSed to be a Blessing, Genesis 12:1-7

Unfolding The Story with Becca Nguyen

02-26-17 Sermon Pastor Hollis, Following and Becoming, Leaving and Going, Matthew 4:17-22

02-19-17 Sermon Pastor Renee, Where We're Going, Jeremiah 50:4-5, 1 Thessalonians 5:16-24

Unfolding The Story with Becca Nguyen

02-12-17 Sermon Pastor Hollis, "Ask The Lord...to send...", Matthew 9:35-39

 02-05-17 Sermon Pastor Hollis, Let Us Go, Mark 1:35-39

01-29-17 Sermon Pastor Vong, A New Season for You, Isaiah 43:18-19

Unfolding The Story with Meredith Nyberg

01-22-17 Sermon Pastor Renee, Jesus: The Early Days, Part III, Showdown in the Dessert, Matthew 4:1-11

Unfolding The Story with Becca Nguyen

01-15-17 Sermon Pastor Renee, Jesus: The Early Days, Part II, Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, Matthew 3:2

Unfolding The Story with Becca Nguyen

01-08-17 Sermon Pastor Renee, Jesus: The Early Days, Part I,The Child, Matthew 2:8

01-01-17 Sermon, Pastor Vong, God Knows Our Future and Has a Plan For Us, Jeremiah 29:11

01-01-17 Unfolding the Story With Becca Nguyen